Stage Fright: The Charm Chase by Jessica McAdam

On the second day of summer drama camp, Biani Madrigal is plunged into a real-life drama when her teacher, Miss Jazz, goes missing. Biani and her new friends Michael and Cole become known as The Diamond Minds Detectives as they follow clues the authorities ignore: Lost charms. A break in. A vandalized car. Fingerprints. Watch out! Evil is chasing the charm chasers.

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About the Book

Jessica McAdam, author of Stage Fright
Jessica McAdam, author
The main characters in these novels are courageous, can-do kids driven by loyalty and integrity. In this story, justice prevails and kid power gains the respect it deserves when the students are instrumental in the capture of the jewel thieves who've abducted their drama teacher. Biani and her friends bond through their adventures and become known as the Diamond Minds Detectives.

The plot for this first book sprang from one of the nine mini-musicals I co-wrote and directed for Show Biz Kidz, an afterschool theater I developed and ran for seventeen years. The characters in these books, written for eight to twelve-year-olds, were inspired by my students whose innocence, autonomy, and intelligence I admire.

About the Author

Love of literature, theater, and children are the source of Jessica's joy. While she and her husband, Chris, raised four boys, Jessica wrote plays and taught children's theater for her sons and hundreds of other young dramatists. Inspired by the intelligence and teamwork of her clever students, Jessica wrote, Stage Fright: the Charm Chase, but unlike Miss Jazz—Jessica never went missing.